you can’t take my name

you'll never make me break 'cause you can't take my name. you can't conceive of a God that you could never tame. and you can't take my soul and you can't take my song. you might beat me down but you will never prove me wrong. I'll never be your toy. I'll never be your... Continue Reading →



I stumbled through the dark places and asked You why I was there I tip-toed through a twisted maze of rain-slicked back alleys and one-way streets and asked You where I was going  dragged across the rocky bottom of a river, I fought the current to stay alive and asked why every moment had to be a battle like a marionette with... Continue Reading →

something about us

something about us drives me crazy. maybe it’s the way I never seem to know what’s going on, how helpless I feel, how pathless, when I’m here and You’re just. . .not, on days when I can’t seem to find Your hand. there are times of strength and confidence, beauty unabashed and fruitfulness, almost a... Continue Reading →

dirty dishes

every man in my life has taken issue with my dishwashing style. my father, he claimed I washed them out of order. I should wash the cleaner ones (glasses, silverware) first, and leave the dirtiest (pots and pans) for last. he nitpicks, we argue, and finally I shrug, "they all get rinsed in the end.... Continue Reading →


like a steel sphere suspended between the pull of two magnets she is held as the centerpoint between extremes held in the tension of counterweights she is still she is strong the careful act of balance played out in her relaxation she feels the tug of all things but is free from it all the... Continue Reading →

I’ll leave you every time.

"fuckin' take me or leave me bitch," he slurs, all drunken defiance, his smile gap-toothed from blows struck at his belligerence. so I left him there, with his damn cheap-ass whiskey and swisher sweets. what a fool I was, wasting so much time on him, wasting so many kisses and thoughts on a boy little... Continue Reading →

hell of a thing

inevitably at times you will feel like a canopy of dingy old fabric. you will tire of propping up the sag. your rib cage will seem to you like an old mine, all your strength given to pounding in more support beams. you will devote all that you are simply into not caving in. fortunately,... Continue Reading →

in the supermarket

I saw you in the supermarket today, and wondered where the time had gone. You were rooting through the produce, choosing only those tomatoes that adhered to your strict yet ever-elusive standard of perfection.  There were crow's feet around your eyes and creases between your brows that were new to me, and I wondered how... Continue Reading →

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