perhaps I should come down…

in conversation it's as if your words are the rocks you would throw at my windowpane at midnight. I can stand and talk the night through, oh yes I can, with me safe up here and you down there, almost in touch, almost right next to me. but not quite. and I see now that... Continue Reading →


there you are!

when i look at you now i can't believe there was ever a time when you weren't mine, when i wasn't yours, when there wasn't an Us or a We. maybe there never was a time that we were whole apart, that we weren't two halves of the same nut, the two distinct murmurs of... Continue Reading →


I stumbled through the dark places and asked You why I was there I tip-toed through a twisted maze of rain-slicked back alleys and one-way streets and asked You where I was going  dragged across the rocky bottom of a river, I fought the current to stay alive and asked why every moment had to be a battle like a marionette with... Continue Reading →


it's a damn long drive back to ohio with every mile marker a reminder of what I'm leaving behind. everybody wants to talk about the big things, the declarations and the rose-petaled bedspreads. but I've got those sunrise cups of coffee on my mind, the subtle touch our words put to things, eyes glimmering with... Continue Reading →


Three parts thrilled and two parts terrified, One part waiting and one impatient, One part hesitant and two parts fearless. And in the middle of all these pieces Clicking and whirring to life in anticipation Of closeness and touch, Desire and fear together are the monkey wrench In my machine Busting up the smooth flow... Continue Reading →

something about us

something about us drives me crazy. maybe it’s the way I never seem to know what’s going on, how helpless I feel, how pathless, when I’m here and You’re just. . .not, on days when I can’t seem to find Your hand. there are times of strength and confidence, beauty unabashed and fruitfulness, almost a... Continue Reading →

dirty dishes

every man in my life has taken issue with my dishwashing style. my father, he claimed I washed them out of order. I should wash the cleaner ones (glasses, silverware) first, and leave the dirtiest (pots and pans) for last. he nitpicks, we argue, and finally I shrug, "they all get rinsed in the end.... Continue Reading →

I am to you

I am to you the flesh of your flesh and the thorn in your side I will make your day or break your pride I can be a battering ram or a wrecking ball but I can't be the soft place for you to fall

perfect timing

Look, she says.  This can’t go on forever. What do you mean?  you say. This is getting ridiculous, she says. You look down at the model train engine in your hands, grimed with your sweaty fingerprints and three hours of meticulous labor. I don’t think it’s ridiculous, you mumble. She puts one hand on a... Continue Reading →

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