Three parts thrilled and two parts terrified, One part waiting and one impatient, One part hesitant and two parts fearless. And in the middle of all these pieces Clicking and whirring to life in anticipation Of closeness and touch, Desire and fear together are the monkey wrench In my machine Busting up the smooth flow... Continue Reading →


autumn–small joys

Sunny autumn frames, Brimming with scarves and wind And warm hugs on the curb, Wind-music in the blood And blooming on chilled cheeks. Sharp November mornings. Cold wooden floor, hot golden tea. Ten-year-old flannel, The favorite mug and its broken handle. Waiting at bus stops For old friends, Catch a coffee before the sunlight dims... Continue Reading →

share and share alike

sun sleeps above a graceful, grassy slope soft buzz of bees lazy quip of crickets. a lullaby of silent heartbeats shrugging away burdens. stones, weathered granite, names and dates, strangers unmet, hands unshaken. the stones sit like old friends a silent companionship shared for years, and years to come. daisies stir at their toes. my!... Continue Reading →

I know

yes, I know where fireflies enflame shadow-circled silver fields, I’ve seen the trembling grain shiver under golden-swollen chalk-dust moons. I’ve heard the frogs and nightbirds thrustle, throaty, under verdant-arching trees; felt the ink-black breeze like a dark river, slipping smoothly between bending branches— I’ve watched far-flung stars of the furthest skies bend low to brush... Continue Reading →

like cats on a fence

you and me, we stroll out our love like cats on a fence, eyes bright under a reeling razorblade moon. we pad out night's alleys on silk-soft paws and dancing trot— back arched, nose high, and the stars toss tacks under our arrogant hip-sway steps sliding so easy over tumbleweed and pavement-crack alike.  so smooth... Continue Reading →

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