one more chance

i cannot change the world, i cannot heal it, i cannot even fathom it. i am glad that i cannot understand. if i could, i imagine i would only cradle my head in my hands. i thank you God for my light yoke, for my small piece of the puzzle. i am sorry for my... Continue Reading →



God, forgive me for shattering myself against You. or rather the graven image I made for You, shaped with all the tongue-biting concentration of a two-year-old with her first crayon. You were trying to say something to the world when You made me, something about joy and grace. but these days I'm afraid all I... Continue Reading →


I stumbled through the dark places and asked You why I was there I tip-toed through a twisted maze of rain-slicked back alleys and one-way streets and asked You where I was going  dragged across the rocky bottom of a river, I fought the current to stay alive and asked why every moment had to be a battle like a marionette with... Continue Reading →

if only

if only I could live my life             in someone else’s skin. if only I could be someplace             where I have never been. if only I could see the things             I’ve never seen before. if only I could know the future             and plan for days in store. if only I had all... Continue Reading →

the wall

brick by brick she builds the wall and smooths the mortar into place. she doesn't know herself beyond her hands, which place the stones with utmost care she doesn't remember what lies within which she strives so to protect she only knows the wall. the wall. security. protection. safety. she doesn't feel the pang of... Continue Reading →

between midnight and dawn

I want to glide Through the night like a ghost Wafted on a soft breeze Carried through doors and windows Into the lives Of those whose faces I ignore On a walk down the street I want to hear their troubles I want to see their dreams I want to be reassured That in most... Continue Reading →

perfect timing

Look, she says.  This can’t go on forever. What do you mean?  you say. This is getting ridiculous, she says. You look down at the model train engine in your hands, grimed with your sweaty fingerprints and three hours of meticulous labor. I don’t think it’s ridiculous, you mumble. She puts one hand on a... Continue Reading →

bittersweet goodbye

the heavy feeling in my chest— the overwhelming emptiness-- is troubled by the lonely thought that moments sweet are dearly bought. for as circumstances bid us part, I take a piece of my lover’s heart, and he of mine.  Though now we walk alone, no longer hand-in-hand, we talked of memories made and times gone... Continue Reading →

the usual

An ordinary morning, like every other, the usual         frigid floorboards underfoot         aching darkness crowding at the window         apathy swelling just below my heart An ordinary afternoon, like yesterday’s, the usual         angry faces full of juvenile hurt         crowded hallways; voices mouthing empty words         pangs of failure and regret An ordinary evening,... Continue Reading →

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