I remember as a child the afternoon sky growing dark as twilight beneath the shadow of summer thunderheads, and dashing out to play in fields of tall yellow grass and crackling bracken. breathing air thick with the smell of storm, drinking wind that fretted the wilted heads of wild flowers, I and the whole earth... Continue Reading →


when your father is dying…

A simple man, he goes to the hardware store and buys what he will need to fix his father's plumbing. He isn't young anymore. His knees ache at the end of the day, his belly is growing and his hair is thinning and it's getting harder to hold his liquor. But his father...he's 93, now,... Continue Reading →

the hole

There’s a hole between us I don’t know how to fill. We’ve tried to pretend it wasn’t there, wiling away hours tip-toeing around the edges of this world-eating tiger-trap. A few careless words sent us over the edge and into a mess so deep and dark I’m afraid I’ll won’t crawl out the same person... Continue Reading →

share and share alike

sun sleeps above a graceful, grassy slope soft buzz of bees lazy quip of crickets. a lullaby of silent heartbeats shrugging away burdens. stones, weathered granite, names and dates, strangers unmet, hands unshaken. the stones sit like old friends a silent companionship shared for years, and years to come. daisies stir at their toes. my!... Continue Reading →

I know

yes, I know where fireflies enflame shadow-circled silver fields, I’ve seen the trembling grain shiver under golden-swollen chalk-dust moons. I’ve heard the frogs and nightbirds thrustle, throaty, under verdant-arching trees; felt the ink-black breeze like a dark river, slipping smoothly between bending branches— I’ve watched far-flung stars of the furthest skies bend low to brush... Continue Reading →

for doc

it isn’t right that I forgot to pray for you. it’s easy to forget the ones who seem like they’ve got it together. but I think in the end they need it most. I didn’t know you were sick again until I saw the obituary, and I cried and cried and cried until my heart... Continue Reading →


they were in the orchard eating sun-warmed apples and he was asking her to marry him. there were thin sheets of golden sun shifting through the leaves and a few crickets were singing somewhere in the tall yellow grass. shadows were murmering in the hollows and a bird was singing over the little creek. leaves... Continue Reading →

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