there you are!

when i look at you now i can't believe there was ever a time when you weren't mine, when i wasn't yours, when there wasn't an Us or a We. maybe there never was a time that we were whole apart, that we weren't two halves of the same nut, the two distinct murmurs of... Continue Reading →



it's a damn long drive back to ohio with every mile marker a reminder of what I'm leaving behind. everybody wants to talk about the big things, the declarations and the rose-petaled bedspreads. but I've got those sunrise cups of coffee on my mind, the subtle touch our words put to things, eyes glimmering with... Continue Reading →


Three parts thrilled and two parts terrified, One part waiting and one impatient, One part hesitant and two parts fearless. And in the middle of all these pieces Clicking and whirring to life in anticipation Of closeness and touch, Desire and fear together are the monkey wrench In my machine Busting up the smooth flow... Continue Reading →

I am to you

I am to you the flesh of your flesh and the thorn in your side I will make your day or break your pride I can be a battering ram or a wrecking ball but I can't be the soft place for you to fall

bittersweet goodbye

the heavy feeling in my chest— the overwhelming emptiness-- is troubled by the lonely thought that moments sweet are dearly bought. for as circumstances bid us part, I take a piece of my lover’s heart, and he of mine.  Though now we walk alone, no longer hand-in-hand, we talked of memories made and times gone... Continue Reading →

you amaze

Your beauty is the crystal thing of far-flung stars. Your light is that of fireflies drifting on twilit summer breezes. Your mystery is deeper than the shifting greens of night-filled woods. Your touch is felt on rain-flecked cheeks. Your thoughts are like long droughts of sweet water. Your strength is fiercer than storm-thrashed coasts. Your... Continue Reading →

the hole

There’s a hole between us I don’t know how to fill. We’ve tried to pretend it wasn’t there, wiling away hours tip-toeing around the edges of this world-eating tiger-trap. A few careless words sent us over the edge and into a mess so deep and dark I’m afraid I’ll won’t crawl out the same person... Continue Reading →

I’ll leave you every time.

"fuckin' take me or leave me bitch," he slurs, all drunken defiance, his smile gap-toothed from blows struck at his belligerence. so I left him there, with his damn cheap-ass whiskey and swisher sweets. what a fool I was, wasting so much time on him, wasting so many kisses and thoughts on a boy little... Continue Reading →

like cats on a fence

you and me, we stroll out our love like cats on a fence, eyes bright under a reeling razorblade moon. we pad out night's alleys on silk-soft paws and dancing trot— back arched, nose high, and the stars toss tacks under our arrogant hip-sway steps sliding so easy over tumbleweed and pavement-crack alike.  so smooth... Continue Reading →

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