waiting for You

even as my heart is breaking for the crippling agonies I see in every passing face, in every hidden mysterious heart even as my tears are falling for the ignorance the arrogance, the violence of a people created for loveliness and power and even as I curl my fist in anger at an Enemy that... Continue Reading →


dirty dishes

every man in my life has taken issue with my dishwashing style. my father, he claimed I washed them out of order. I should wash the cleaner ones (glasses, silverware) first, and leave the dirtiest (pots and pans) for last. he nitpicks, we argue, and finally I shrug, "they all get rinsed in the end.... Continue Reading →

when your father is dying…

A simple man, he goes to the hardware store and buys what he will need to fix his father's plumbing. He isn't young anymore. His knees ache at the end of the day, his belly is growing and his hair is thinning and it's getting harder to hold his liquor. But his father...he's 93, now,... Continue Reading →

what I need

I was waiting for some directive from You, A memo, a roadmap, And You asked me to wait and be still. I wanted an answer And You only wanted me to ask more questions. I asked for a bulletin And You told me to balance. I was looking for a rule sheet And You were... Continue Reading →

bittersweet goodbye

the heavy feeling in my chest— the overwhelming emptiness-- is troubled by the lonely thought that moments sweet are dearly bought. for as circumstances bid us part, I take a piece of my lover’s heart, and he of mine.  Though now we walk alone, no longer hand-in-hand, we talked of memories made and times gone... Continue Reading →

autumn–small joys

Sunny autumn frames, Brimming with scarves and wind And warm hugs on the curb, Wind-music in the blood And blooming on chilled cheeks. Sharp November mornings. Cold wooden floor, hot golden tea. Ten-year-old flannel, The favorite mug and its broken handle. Waiting at bus stops For old friends, Catch a coffee before the sunlight dims... Continue Reading →

beaded curtains

beaded curtains between two rooms our lives drip down in shades of red and gold enflamed with evening sun we shudder in a cold wind the molten strands of moments dance the music of our lives is the shiver of a million beads

the hole

There’s a hole between us I don’t know how to fill. We’ve tried to pretend it wasn’t there, wiling away hours tip-toeing around the edges of this world-eating tiger-trap. A few careless words sent us over the edge and into a mess so deep and dark I’m afraid I’ll won’t crawl out the same person... Continue Reading →

the Free Way

I refuse to take the freeway. it’s fast, straight, filled with people going places, but I  take the long         and        often     lonely        way around over the short-cut, because I like to think that this way it's easier to know where I’m going. I can think myself into knots talk myself into corners... Continue Reading →

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