probably the wrong “somewhere”

slow-building, mundane pressures push me into a mold I don't like. voices, high and low, talk me into a corner I didn't choose. God's tireless chisel crumbles me into a shape I don't understand. my desires fracture and fly out from me in all directions. the path winds, and wanders, and fades into the blank... Continue Reading →


no, not at all.

sometimes I think if I drop a rope down, down into the deepest well of my mind and sit patiently in my little rowboat on the surface perhaps something surprising will crawl back out and I wonder would I sit and talk with it awhile? would I hurl it back into the shadow it came... Continue Reading →


in dreams I often walk some wretched maze-- all sharp corners, endless corridors feeding into themselves, vaulted chambers alive with darkness, shadows with voices, faces grinning in the black. it goes nowhere, and I pace it alone, haunted by the echoes of my own footsteps. in other dreams, I watch the calculations of a massive... Continue Reading →

ambition can fuck off for a day

"Dream big! Dream big!" My big dreams have made me into an ant, Hauling a burden a thousand times my weight-- For what? I'm just building somebody else's sand-hill empire. Give it one, good stiff rain And we'll see exactly what that sweat has built. "You do so much! You must be proud! Surely you... Continue Reading →

in only this moment

if only to spend myself in the name of some grand dream if only to lose myself in the mirage of a million tongues crying out with one voice if only to stretch out and catch with my hands that tenuous, shimmering thing above me if only to sweat and chill and shatter inside the... Continue Reading →


I stumbled through the dark places and asked You why I was there I tip-toed through a twisted maze of rain-slicked back alleys and one-way streets and asked You where I was going  dragged across the rocky bottom of a river, I fought the current to stay alive and asked why every moment had to be a battle like a marionette with... Continue Reading →


it's a damn long drive back to ohio with every mile marker a reminder of what I'm leaving behind. everybody wants to talk about the big things, the declarations and the rose-petaled bedspreads. but I've got those sunrise cups of coffee on my mind, the subtle touch our words put to things, eyes glimmering with... Continue Reading →

rain, rain…

Tapping raindrops on the windowpane and tapping fingers on the sill. The little girl inside me sighs. That little girl had so many plans for today, and there they are, washed out by streaks of silver-gray and a dismal, chilly wind. Ah well, I think. The face reflected in the glass is older now—wiser—perhaps a... Continue Reading →

between midnight and dawn

I want to glide Through the night like a ghost Wafted on a soft breeze Carried through doors and windows Into the lives Of those whose faces I ignore On a walk down the street I want to hear their troubles I want to see their dreams I want to be reassured That in most... Continue Reading →

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