probably the wrong “somewhere”

slow-building, mundane pressures push me into a mold I don't like. voices, high and low, talk me into a corner I didn't choose. God's tireless chisel crumbles me into a shape I don't understand. my desires fracture and fly out from me in all directions. the path winds, and wanders, and fades into the blank... Continue Reading →



in the blackness all I have is Your hand so don't pat me on the head and tell me it will all be all right don't shrink my head and tell me to try harder don't tell me I'm not enough don't tell me I'm just fine tell me the truth take me away lead... Continue Reading →

dear depression

Dear Depression,If we are to get along together as roommates, there must be rules in place. First, so long as we abide in this glass house, we shall not cast stones. Second, don't interrupt me or finish my sentences--it pisses me off. In return, I won't talk over you, but allow you to speak your... Continue Reading →


I carry it with me wherever I go this heavy, heavy thing that indebts every breath demands every waking second withholds sleep and denies me all rest I carry it with me into the quiet places into the busy peopled places into the secret places all my own wherever I am, there it is this... Continue Reading →

simplify me, please

simplify me, please. my heart is a rope knotted and tied tight, my strength is a pit bull frothing on a choke chain, my mind is a heavy, ticking machine of unfathomable purpose. simplify me, please. gather up these scattered shreds of me and set them alight, turn them to smoke in the gentle breeze... Continue Reading →

i’ve only got so much to give

look, i'm real sorry i can't hear you over the roar of my anxieties. it's awful crowded here in my head these days and your voice didn't quite make the cut when it came time for the attention triage. too bad, i thought i heard you say something about peace and quiet, and rest. sweet rest.... Continue Reading →

something about us

something about us drives me crazy. maybe it’s the way I never seem to know what’s going on, how helpless I feel, how pathless, when I’m here and You’re just. . .not, on days when I can’t seem to find Your hand. there are times of strength and confidence, beauty unabashed and fruitfulness, almost a... Continue Reading →

the usual

An ordinary morning, like every other, the usual         frigid floorboards underfoot         aching darkness crowding at the window         apathy swelling just below my heart An ordinary afternoon, like yesterday’s, the usual         angry faces full of juvenile hurt         crowded hallways; voices mouthing empty words         pangs of failure and regret An ordinary evening,... Continue Reading →

the hole

There’s a hole between us I don’t know how to fill. We’ve tried to pretend it wasn’t there, wiling away hours tip-toeing around the edges of this world-eating tiger-trap. A few careless words sent us over the edge and into a mess so deep and dark I’m afraid I’ll won’t crawl out the same person... Continue Reading →

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