in the blackness all I have is Your hand so don't pat me on the head and tell me it will all be all right don't shrink my head and tell me to try harder don't tell me I'm not enough don't tell me I'm just fine tell me the truth take me away lead... Continue Reading →


the obligatory houseplant lives a sad life

The philodendron dangles, Limp and perfunctory, In the front window of a Chinese restaurant. Its leaves are dusty And curl at the tips. Its soil Is dry as a bone. It gets no light From the dim alley it faces Every goddamn day. It is a sad, Sad plant. Slouching in the fluorescent un-light Of... Continue Reading →


in dreams I often walk some wretched maze-- all sharp corners, endless corridors feeding into themselves, vaulted chambers alive with darkness, shadows with voices, faces grinning in the black. it goes nowhere, and I pace it alone, haunted by the echoes of my own footsteps. in other dreams, I watch the calculations of a massive... Continue Reading →

the killing jar

when I was a child, I sped out into the singing summer night to catch with clumsy hands the fireflies that flitted, fairy-like, above my upturned eyes. lovingly I placed them into the lidded jar that would later, to my confused tears, kill them. now that I am grown I feel I know the killing... Continue Reading →

today I felt my heart pass through me like a ghost and move on down a path my feet could not follow

ambition can fuck off for a day

"Dream big! Dream big!" My big dreams have made me into an ant, Hauling a burden a thousand times my weight-- For what? I'm just building somebody else's sand-hill empire. Give it one, good stiff rain And we'll see exactly what that sweat has built. "You do so much! You must be proud! Surely you... Continue Reading →


A fool Makes his humanity an excuse For animal behavior, For base appetites. "Human"-- Blood and bone Spun into a reflection Of the Divine-- A thought, a voice Echoing back The word of our Creator. Don't dare say "I'm only human" And act the part of a Pig, a Rat, a Dog, a Snake... Say... Continue Reading →


Presently, my day is measured out In tablespoons of coffee, Cigarettes, And entries on the punch-clock. Input sweat, output bills, No slack, no overflow--simple. But...I'm not simple. It's just a disaster When I try to pour my big, messy self Through the clean little funnel Of work and society And all that blah blah blah...... Continue Reading →


Boxes, lines, angles. Cages, walls, corners, Restrictions, borders. No one put me in this pen But me. God set me on the Earth and said “The world is yours. Get out there and dominate it.” I scratched my head, Scratched lines in the sand, Said “I’m good, thanks.” And God said, “For fuck’s sake.” He... Continue Reading →

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