Little One

Little one, When I rise at 2am To hold you, squalling Red-faced and indignant And soothe you back to rest Against the cradle Of my ribs I gaze with wonder At the twin lights Of consciousness and feeling Dancing, birth-fresh Behind your eyes And I feel the weight Of your protection Press against my weak... Continue Reading →


one more chance

i cannot change the world, i cannot heal it, i cannot even fathom it. i am glad that i cannot understand. if i could, i imagine i would only cradle my head in my hands. i thank you God for my light yoke, for my small piece of the puzzle. i am sorry for my... Continue Reading →

no, not at all.

sometimes I think if I drop a rope down, down into the deepest well of my mind and sit patiently in my little rowboat on the surface perhaps something surprising will crawl back out and I wonder would I sit and talk with it awhile? would I hurl it back into the shadow it came... Continue Reading →


in dreams I often walk some wretched maze-- all sharp corners, endless corridors feeding into themselves, vaulted chambers alive with darkness, shadows with voices, faces grinning in the black. it goes nowhere, and I pace it alone, haunted by the echoes of my own footsteps. in other dreams, I watch the calculations of a massive... Continue Reading →

ambition can fuck off for a day

"Dream big! Dream big!" My big dreams have made me into an ant, Hauling a burden a thousand times my weight-- For what? I'm just building somebody else's sand-hill empire. Give it one, good stiff rain And we'll see exactly what that sweat has built. "You do so much! You must be proud! Surely you... Continue Reading →


Presently, my day is measured out In tablespoons of coffee, Cigarettes, And entries on the punch-clock. Input sweat, output bills, No slack, no overflow--simple. But...I'm not simple. It's just a disaster When I try to pour my big, messy self Through the clean little funnel Of work and society And all that blah blah blah...... Continue Reading →


Boxes, lines, angles. Cages, walls, corners, Restrictions, borders. No one put me in this pen But me. God set me on the Earth and said “The world is yours. Get out there and dominate it.” I scratched my head, Scratched lines in the sand, Said “I’m good, thanks.” And God said, “For fuck’s sake.” He... Continue Reading →

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