no, not at all.

sometimes I think
if I drop a rope
down, down
into the deepest well
of my mind
and sit
in my little rowboat
on the surface
something surprising
will crawl back out
and I wonder
would I sit and talk
with it awhile?
would I hurl it back
into the shadow it came from,
or would it toss me back instead?
has this already happened?
am I in the boat,
or am I in the hole?
and I think,
fuck it,
I don’t like this metaphor at all


5 thoughts on “no, not at all.

Add yours

    1. Not yet. I would feel silly publishing so young…even with what I post here, I can’t help wondering “Man–how annoyed is my forty-something self going to be when I look back on these?” I’m enjoying what I’m reading on your xanga–is there a way I can subscribe without creating a xanga myself?

      1. I honestly don’t know anything about subscribing. I wrote most of those poems in 2005 when I was hanging around a bunch of local poets. Since then, I’ve not minded the Xanga, so to speak. But I can look into it for you. But you shouldn’t feel weird about publishing “so young” (not sure how old or young you are, but you’re *never too young.*) I would think you should be honored to be published at any age. I’ve had some stuff published in anthologies, even though I’ve only written, I think, eleven poems in my life. Google “Sun Shadow Mountain” it’s available on Amazon — some of the stuff is in there. If I can publish, you can too. I’m no more of a poet than you are.

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