I guess it’s too late to be a doomsday prepper

When I look into the eyes
Of people passing in the street…
When I look with honest eyes
Into the mirror…
I can’t help thinking
The zombie apocalypse
Is already here


3 thoughts on “I guess it’s too late to be a doomsday prepper

Add yours

  1. wow. I totally feel this. My God, I have SO seen same in their eyes, SO felt same.

    You don’t need to join the zombie horde. I wish you goodness and well this Christmas. I know, I don’t know you, but truly, your words on depression truly deeply reach me. I can feel what you say.

  2. Hey Abigail,

    I just read your ‘about’ but couldn’t comment. Don’t know why, really. Thing is, I wonder if you’ve looked into things you ‘used’ to do, you know, that had you feel alive … has anything ever impassioned you?

    I truly see that the key to life is your passion. Whatever it is that impassions you, you need to do – there is just no other way around it, to my view. My daily job is office work. I do it purely for the money. There are some days that are ‘ok’, but there are NEVER days I look forward to, or feel accomplished at the end of. I wish to write for a living. Don’t know how to make that happen!

    But for you – is there anything you feel, that would awaken you? Want to pause on it?

    I truly care. Depression kills. I absolutely know that.

    Sincere best,


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