there you are!

when i look at you now
i can’t believe there was ever a time
when you weren’t mine, when i wasn’t yours,
when there wasn’t an Us or a We.
maybe there never was a time
that we were whole apart,
that we weren’t two halves
of the same nut,
the two distinct murmurs
of the same heartbeat.
yours was the face
I looked for
in the crowded room, the smoky bar,
and never found
until there you were,
with those eyes
and that smile
and a little cowlick like so
and some quiet thing in me
said “yes, there you are!”
so even though we’ve waited and waited,
we’ve always had each other,
two little rowboats slung together
on a fretful sea,
two lanterns seeking one another out
in the dark,
two kids playing marco polo
on a summer night.


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