it’s a damn long drive back to ohio
with every mile marker a reminder
of what I’m leaving behind.
everybody wants to talk about the big things,
the declarations and the rose-petaled bedspreads.
but I’ve got those sunrise cups of coffee on my mind,
the subtle touch our words put to things,
eyes glimmering with some small joke
no one else sees.
they all talk about the heartbreak of love lost
but I’m shouldering the weight
of love found and deferred,
dragging it all the long way home with me tonight.
patience, patience.
fuck patience.
there’s a little kid inside me perched
under a Christmas tree with saucer-shaped eyes
and all the voices around me cooing “patience! patience!”
but this red-eyed adult on the outside is the one
making this long drive home in the dark,
counting all the miles,
sighing all the sighs.
patience, patience.
fuck patience.


5 thoughts on “patience

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  1. I must agree with you…’patience’ is totally overrated…and folks know it but aren’t willing to admit it…I mean that’s why you always here…”oh, life is short’…damn straight it is…so why be so patient? Enjoyed your poem as usual. ;-)

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