if only

if only I could live my life
            in someone else’s skin.
if only I could be someplace
            where I have never been.
if only I could see the things
            I’ve never seen before.
if only I could know the future
            and plan for days in store.
if only I had all the answers
            and passed my every test.
if only I could feel the beat
            in someone else’s chest.
if only I could see myself
            with someone else’s eyes.
if only I could fix the world.
            if only I was wise.
if only I could heal the hurt
            in every human heart.
if only I knew what to do.
            if only I could start.


3 thoughts on “if only

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  1. Some times we have so many ‘ifs’ that we become numb and unable to even start to resolve any of our problems…you capture those feelings well in your poem.

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