an apology to my anger

I’m sorry, Anger, for treating you with such unkindness…
I hide you away and tether your savage strength
to the implacable stone of my rigid self-control,
where you pace and fret at your unforgiving confines;
I pen you in a cage much too small
for your indecent, muscular frame
and then slip you food on the sly,
growing your salient strength in secret
while turning an innocent face to the world.
what a broken, selfish fool I am
to have treated you so,
thinking that I couldn’t hurt myself in the process.
but if I set you free, will you behave?
if I fed you with compassion, would you grow docile and sleek
on the choicest food from my own table,
grow loyal and calm and come and go at my command?
if I opened the world to you,
all the wide beauty of my trust and good faith—
would you heal and grow into something
greater and more benevolent,
more wonderful and fearsome than what you were?
would the loathesome monster my fear created
morph into something newer—stranger—
infinitely more beautiful?


2 thoughts on “an apology to my anger

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  1. What a wonderful poem…I continue to be impressed with how you turn a phrase and how you address emotions in a new way…but as for the beast…it can never be truly controled by anyone. ;-)

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