between midnight and dawn

I want to glide
Through the night like a ghost
Wafted on a soft breeze
Carried through doors and windows
Into the lives
Of those whose faces I ignore
On a walk down the street
I want to hear their troubles
I want to see their dreams
I want to be reassured
That in most ways
We aren’t so very different
We all cringe away
From the same monsters in the closet
We don’t let our hands fall
Over the side of the bed
Lest that hand be taken
In sweet caress
By the fear
We’ve hidden underneath
I want to listen to what they
Mumble in their sleep
What they say to their fridge
At 3 am when no one is around
And know that I have said
Those same things myself
Been locked in the same stillness
Of the early morning
Yet not all that alone
For between midnight and dawn
We are all together
Whispering to the silence
Of our fears and trepidation
Hiding from the stretched out shadows
On the wall
If they’ve moved
Someone with a still heart
To lay a hand over our sweating brow
And whisper comfort to us


2 thoughts on “between midnight and dawn

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  1. There is a still sadness to this poem…we all want to believe that those folks we pass on the street our just like us…the same fears and hopes…a moments of desparation…love the parts of the poem that played on all those childhood fears. A fine poem.

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