what I need

I was waiting for some directive from You,
A memo, a roadmap,
And You asked me to wait and be still.
I wanted an answer
And You only wanted me to ask more questions.
I asked for a bulletin
And You told me to balance.
I was looking for a rule sheet
And You were inviting me on an adventure.
I was marching
And You wanted me to walk with you.
I asked for “truth”
And You handed me a mirror.
I demanded a mission
And You said “take a nap.”
I searched for a role model
And you pointed to the dragonflies
Skimming along the surface tension of a river,
All grace, ease, and a light touch—
I was hoping for something closer to Alexander.
I say “why?”
And You say “shhh.”
I ache for Your voice
And You cushion me in silence.
Thank You for being what I need
And not what I demand.


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