intellectual seagulls

we are intellectual seagulls.
we linger over coffeeshop tables
leaving layers of cigarette ash
and danish crumbs
and coffee drippings
wherever we alight–
we pick the bones of old ideas
and scavenge magazines
for thoughts unexplored,
we are not the world-weary souls
we claim to be
we are not the heroic
truth-seekers we emulate
we are artfully messy hair.
we are carelessly dirty
button-down shirts.
we are the sloppy
and the ignorant
hiding behind our vocabularies
and our music.
we sneer at mainstream mannequins
and point tobacco-stained fingers
at over-tanned Barbie dolls
(“what idiots, destroying
their bodies like that”)
we laugh at the conformists
lined up in their pews
as we slouch lined up
on bar room stools.
we shun popular radio
and fiction and film
and then flock to the parlor
to ink meaningless tattoos
“just like my friend’s”
we hide behind obscurity
veiled safely in obfuscation
we are the dirty mirror
of the lifestyles we mock
but don’t tell us so,
our piercings make us look tough
but really we can’t stand


One thought on “intellectual seagulls

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  1. What a breath-taking poem…its power and strong message made it a real treat to read. How quickly our attempts to be ‘different’ than others turns us into our own cliche…how beautifully you have captured this.

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