you amaze

Your beauty is the crystal thing of far-flung stars.
Your light is that of fireflies drifting on twilit summer breezes.
Your mystery is deeper than the shifting greens of night-filled woods.
Your touch is felt on rain-flecked cheeks.
Your thoughts are like long droughts of sweet water.
Your strength is fiercer than storm-thrashed coasts.
Your presence is lighter than sun-dappled orchards in full blossom.
Your words can be cool cloths in a fever or rams locking horns.
Your voice is like wind-swept autumn grasses.
Your grace is more delicate and powerful than fluttering gossamer wings.

You love more deeply than any heart but Yours could bear.
You feel more violently than any sinews but Yours could stand.
You ache more sharply than any wound but Yours could endure.
Your heartsickness overflows into the world
And fills it up with unquenchable longing.

and You are mine.
and You amaze.


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