share and share alike

sun sleeps above
a graceful, grassy slope
soft buzz of bees
lazy quip of crickets.
a lullaby of silent heartbeats
shrugging away burdens.
stones, weathered granite,
names and dates,
strangers unmet,
hands unshaken.
the stones sit like old friends
a silent companionship
shared for years,
and years to come.
daisies stir at their toes.
this day is like
waking under a sunny sky
to blink
with bright blue delight.
and the air!
weighed down
with so many unshared memories.
at the Great Feast,
we’ll share and share alike
with our overflowing glasses
and our talk of the good things.
but today,
rest is sweet
and time is nothing
and the sun looks
like it will never go down.


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