I’ll leave you every time.

“fuckin’ take me or leave me bitch,” he slurs, all drunken defiance, his smile gap-toothed from blows struck at his belligerence.

so I left him there, with his damn cheap-ass whiskey and swisher sweets.

what a fool I was, wasting so much time on him, wasting so many kisses and thoughts on a boy little more than the slime that collects on the bottom of the garbage pail, the scum that grows on shower drains.

yeah, honey, I left you there, and I may glance in the rear-view once in a while, sure. but it’s only to make sure you stay way behind, not sidled up to my window with nice things to say and spinning some shit story about all your problems.

we all know about your problems. and we all know exactly where they come from: straight outta that whiskey licking, cigarette puffing hole in your face that really shoulda been wired shut by now. so save your goddamn sob story, and save all the posing and posturing and bullshitting. we aren’t listening.

“take me or leave me”? ohh honey. you put that choice in front of me and I’ll leave you every time.


5 thoughts on “I’ll leave you every time.

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  1. Nicely done.

    Couldn’t help wondering why most women aren’t so strong, though. They’d take the idiot back everytime. Sigh.

  2. I think I just have “cut and run before the shit REALLY hits the fan” syndrome when it comes to relationships, rather than the “but it really ought to work out THIS time” syndrome lol

  3. i don’t think so – about the syndrome thing – if we all could discover who we truly are & just fall in love with that, we’d keep on walking away from people who cannot value us & make us bloom.

  4. I completely agree. The more you invest in self-respect and self-efficacy, the less patient you are with people who don’t treat you right, and the more you’re able to focus on what’s important to YOU in a relationship.

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