hell of a thing

inevitably at times
you will feel like a canopy
of dingy old fabric.
you will tire of propping up the sag. your rib cage will seem to you
like an old mine, all your strength
given to pounding in
more support beams.
you will devote all that you are
simply into not caving in.

fortunately, this is not the truth
of what you are. truthfully,
you are more like a cathedral dome. every bit of the burden,
the pressure,
the load,
is shared between each piece of you.
you hold together
because that is how you are made.

so on days of heaviness
And weariness, think:
hey, I’m not some shitty old mine.
I’m a cathedral.
I’m the Hagia Sophia,
a massive dome
resting on a halo of light,
flooded with sunshine.
I am sturdy, I am sound,
I am a hell of a thing.


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