like cats on a fence

you and me,
we stroll out our love
like cats on a fence,
eyes bright
under a reeling
razorblade moon.
we pad out night’s alleys
on silk-soft paws
and dancing trot—
back arched,
nose high,
and the stars
toss tacks
under our arrogant
hip-sway steps
sliding so easy over
tumbleweed and
pavement-crack alike. 
so smooth
the balance of our bodies,
slipping through
loose-falling shadows
and patches of cool light;
the flit of our feet
over gritty curbs,
the sly flick
of a come-hither tail—
so laughable,
the whirring shake
of that smirking face!
so sweet, you and I
two cats on a fence,
sauntering out the night


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